Port of St. Margaret's Hope

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(St. Margaret's Hope, Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK)

The port of St. Margaret's Hope provides four daily ferry crossings to Gills Bay near John O' Groats during the summer season while routes during the winter are reduced to three daily crossings.

This service offers the shortest current passenger and vehicle ferry sailing between Orkney and northern Scotland.

St. Margaret's Hope to Gills Bay

Pentland Ferries' vessel the Pentalina B. sails the route between St. Margaret's Hope and Gills Bay in northern Scotland. There are four daily sailings in the summer and during the winter three daily crossings. The voyage onboard the Pentalina B. takes just one hour making it the fastest current passenger and vehicle route between Orkneys and northern Scotland.

The vessel can transport 250 passengers and 48 cars. It is strongly advisable to enquire with the ferry operator about the availability of passengers' room on the ferry prior to arrival due to regular changes of the number of passengers accommodated. The port of Gills Bay is situated on the Pentland. It can be easily accessed when driving round the Scottish north coast road. Pentland Ferries links the ferry port of Gills Bay in the northern Scotland with St Margaret's Hope on the Orkney Islands.

St Margarets Hope Port

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